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You can bring any craft you like!

Craft Night at The Smugglers

When:Third Sunday of the Month, from 5:30pm

Where: The Smugglers Inn, Market Square, Alfriston

Reservations not needed

Bring your own crafts!

What will you make of it?

Craft Night at The Smugglers

Please note a Change of Date: Our next get-together is set for Sunday 23 April, to avoid clasing with Easter!

Bring along your own craft project for a chance to chat, gossip, exchange tips (not to mention sip at something delicious) at a craft evening co-hosted with The Smugglers Inn

Crafting can be a solitary occupation. But sometimes its fun to work along with other like-minded crafters, so we're organising an informal drop-in session on the third Sunday of each month.

Bring along your quilt, your crochet, your knitting, your sewing, your embroidery, or whatever you're working on! And be ready to share ideas, discuss crafty topics, maybe share juicy gossip (as if!) and enjoy a relaxed evening with other crafters.

No reservation is necessary. Crafting starts at 5:30pm.

See you there!