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Flow - a fabulous magazine for crafters, creatives and the curious! (and they publish terrific books as well . . .)

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Flow Magazine issue 20

£9.95. Postage in the UK: £4. Order yours now using the button below (pay with a debit or credit card, or a Paypal account)




Flow 2018 Diary (& notebook!)

For 2018, the folks at Flow Magazine have produced a pocket-sized diary (95 x 145mm) to help you keep your busy days on track - and perhaps to inspire a bit of quiet time, too!

Featuring a cover and charming decorations by Louise Lockhart (the UK designer better known to many as The Printed Peanut), the diary has a smaller format to encourage a less-frenetic schedule. It offers two blank pages between each week, for your notes, inspirations, quotes and miscellaneous jottings. And you'll find a pocket on the rear cover, with stickers to help you keep organized - and creative!

The diary comes with a charming blank notebook, too.

£16.95. Postage within the UK: £4.50. The button below will let you pay with a debit or credit card, or a Paypal account.



Flow No. 19

Staying optimistic; the beauty in goodbyes; illustrators draw their happy things. . . Plus a 'Good News' sketchbook and a chalkboard exercise book!

£9.95. Postage in the UK: £4. Order yours now . . .


Flow Big Book of Drawing

Tips and inspiration from some of the artists you've come to know through the pages of Flow, all designed to help even the most unconfidant beginner enjoy the process of drawing.

With lovely heavy-weight paper for drawing, tracing paper, watercolour paper, a mini sketchbook and much more, it is as substantial as the annual Book for Paper Lovers, filled with inspiration and delight!

To celebrate its arrival, we're offering hand-decorated mini-journal with your order (while supplies of them last)!

£14.95. (Postage in the UK: £6. Overseas? E-mail us to learn the postage.)

Use this link to order your copy, and pay with a debit or credit card or a Paypal account.


Flow Book for Paper Lovers

More than 300 pages of pleasure for crafters, with patterns, tags, cards, wrap, bunting, type stickers, and more!

£17.99. Stop by for a browse . . . or let us post it to you in the UK for £6 (this button lets you pay with a Debit / Credit card or a Paypal account) (overseas? e-mail for posting info!)



Flow issue 15

"None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives" - Jane Austen

Why its okay to be insecure . . . The beauty of weaving . . . DIY stamping booklet . . . . Self-reflection posters . . . Sylvia Plath . . . and of course much more, celebrating creativity, imperfection and life's little pleasures!

£9.95. Stop by to browse, or posted in the UK for £3.75 (this button lets you pay with a Debit / Credit card or a Paypal account) (overseas? e-mail for posting info!)



You have to love anybody who publishes a broadside with a quote from Mary Oliver . . .