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The Hopkins Conundrum

Poetry, nuns, love, death, pubs . . . Our newest discovery brings all the big themes together!

A hapless publican hits on a unique plan to save his pub: Attract fans of Gerard Manley Hopkins by introducing his major work to a novelist famous for his conspiracy theories. What could possibly go wrong?

Simon Edge's novel offers laugh-out-loud set pieces as well as a remarkable glimpse of the poetic sensibility, a humane vision of the religious life, and a warm portrait of romance. We read it aloud, and found ourselves gripped by the different storylines and the range of characters.

It is not, perhaps, a novel to take on a sea cruise. But anywhere else it is perfect - engaging, fascinating and (by turns) funny, moving and eye-opening.

This paperback original costs £8.99, and with it we're including a copy of Gerard Manley Hopkins' poems - because after you read The Hopkins Conundrum you'll want to engage with the poetry for yourself!

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