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Book Signing : Mysterium

A lack of credible proof in our digital age casts doubt over the existence of the Loch Ness Monster and its ilk. But there's good news for everyone who worries that the world isn't as fun without a tinge of weirdness: The Mysterium: Unexplained and extraordinary stories for a post-Nessie generation sets out to prove that the world is just as mysterious as it ever was, it’s just a question of adjusting our gaze.

On Saturday, 16 December you can meet authors Jo Keeling and David Bramwell, share your favourite modern-tale tales of mystery and weirdness, and revel in all the oddness that fills the cracks and intersices of even our internet-filled world.

Learn about the Toynbee Tiles – 600 linoleum tiles embedded in roads across the USA and South America, bearing the message ‘resurrect dead on planet Jupiter’; the bizarre world of Chuck Tingle – the cult, self-published, pseudonymous author who started penning stories about steamy encounters with dinosaurs and unicorns before moving on to anthropomorphised objects and even concepts; a thought experiment called Roko’s Basilisk (simply hearing or reading about it will cause you to be unendurably tortured until the end of time, apparently).

Brilliantly illustrated and filled with astonishing true-life, unfaked tales of unexplained events, odd behaviour, and peculiar notions that won't die out this is a book for history buffs, wonkish internet inhabitants and casual browsers fascinated by th ecurious world around us.

From 2 to 4pm on Saturday 16 December, you can discuss the wonderful, weird world we inhabit with the experts who assembled this diverting book of marvels. They'll be happy to hear your own favourite tales, of course - and they'll be happy to sign copies of their book for you, too!