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Felt Book Protectors

Hand-crafted from high-quality felt, these are beautifully designed by a favourite young crafter. Protect your favourite book when you take it on the road . . . and protect your privacy, too (not everyone needs to know what you're reading!) Click here to learn more . . .

New Books

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Flow Book for Paper Lovers (No. 5)

Uppercase No 35

Diary of a Bookseller

Flow issue 21

Flow No. 20

Jacob's Room is Full of Books

Su Blackwell Book Sculptures


Uppercase Magazine No. 34


Flow - issue 19

The Captain's Alphabet


As Kingfishers Catch Fire

Of Cats and Men

Flow Book for Paper Lovers

Uppercase Magazine No. 33

Ravilious & Co

A beautiful new edition of Eleanor Farjeon's delightful

Sussex Alphabet

The Bloomsbury Group in Berwick Church

Feed Sacks


Curwen Press: The Printing Blocks

A Bloomsbury Souvenir

Chalk Hills White Horses

Signed copies of Juliet Nicolson's A House Full of Daughters

The Lost Watercolours of Edward Bawden

Who? When? Where?

A brilliant book highlights the artists behind the earliest campaign celebrating the Guinness Book of Records . . .

Signed copies of Kit Kemp's Books


Plus, browse photos of Kit's extraordinary fund-raising event at Much Ado . . .


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