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A World of Information - Just the thing for curious kids and adventurous adults!

Fabulous graphics married with fascinating tidbits make this a volume designed to entertain and distract and maybe even educate - a fantastic gift for almost anyone!

We're not prejudiced by the fact that the co-author, James Brown, created the giant portrait of Shakespeare hanging in the shop. (His series of informational prints is available upstairs, by the way . . .).

Together with Richard Platt, he has produced an elegant, fun work covering such diverse topics as how many bones there are in the human body, how clouds form, different types of knots and how Morse code works.

Costing just £15, this is a sophisticated but fun-filled tour of marvels, from geometrical forms to tectonics and time zones.

Stop in for a browse, and risk finding yourself entranced! Or order A World of Information on-line using the button below and either a debit or a credit card, or a Paypal account. (Postage costs £4 within the UK - e-mail us if you live overseas, and we'll work out postage for you).

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